Whalsay 18 V 38 DFDS Kiwis

Whalsay started the match taking the first centre pass. First quarter was played very evenly as both defences worked hard. There was great movement around the court and effective linking between Irena Polson C and Eileen Robertson WA for Whalsay. The first quarter ended close at 8-7 to Kiwis. 

Kiwis quickly settled and found their rhythm with accurate shooting from both Louise Jamieson GA and Rhianne Colvin GS. This did not stop defenders Natalie Constable and Lianne Jamieson working hard to get the ball back up the court. Kiwis Emma Niven C and Libby Fox WA worked very hard to support the shooters in the circle ending the second quarter 19-9 to Kiwis. 

Whalsay came back in the third quarter, looking to reduce the gap with small accurate passes and excellent support from Natalie Constable GD. However, Kiwis Kim Johnson GK and Natasha Tulloch GD kept a strong defence as they kept shooter Debbie Irvine GA from getting close to the hoop. The third quarter ended 28-15 to Kiwis. 

The final quarter saw both teams working hard. Cally Thomson WA offered excellent support from outside the circle to shooter Krissie Robertson GS as she moved well around the tough defence. After a competitive and tiring match from both sides the game ended with a final score of 36-18 to Kiwis. Players of the match were Rhianne Colvin for Kiwis and Lianne Jamieson for Whalsay.