Whalsay 34 V Loungers 40

Whalsay took first centre pass and worked the ball patiently to score the first goal. The first quarter continued with end to end play. Good linking up court by both teams made it difficult for the defenders to steal possession. Stella Oldbury positioned well in the shooting circle, rarely missing a shot from all areas which saw Loungers leading 12-7 at the end of the first quarter.

In the 2nd quarter both Teams stepped up their game, applying pressure on all areas of the court. This led to more errors and loose balls which brought Whalsay back into the game with strong consistent shooting, closing the gap, with the second quarter ending 19-16.

Whalsay came out in force in the 3rd quarter with good linking up court by Catherine Williamson and Marie Anderson into their shooters. Whalsay’s new defensive duo Karis Leask and Natalie Constable got essential touches and intercepts which were quickly concerted into goals, bringing Whalsay into the lead with the score 27-25 heading into the final quarter.

After a closely fought match both sides were determined for the win. Loungers were steadily working the ball into their shooters with good linking play by Vicki Smith and Hazel Johnson in the midcourt and good movement and positioning by Ava Johnston and Stella Oldbury in the circle. This steady play brought Loungers back into the lead and Whalsay were unfortunate not to maintain their form until the final whistle. Player of the match for Whalsay was Karis Leask and Stella Oldbury for Loungers.