Whalsay 35 V Loungers 25

The game started fast with Loungers winning the first centre pass and setting the pace of the game. A few tips and interceptions from Whalsay’s defence Shelley Anderson and Natalie Constable; were quickly converted in to goals. This resulted in Whalsay gaining the advantage 9-5 in the first quarter.

Loungers came back in the second quarter determined to close the gap. Excellent shooting from Kaitlin Leslie of Loungers allowed them to keep pace with Whalsay as both teams were scoring back to back. Whalsays’ Catherine Williamson worked tirelessly up and down the court picking up any loose balls to convert into goals. The quarter ended 19-13 to Whalsay at half time.

The third quarter saw both teams fighting for a win. Loungers’ Louise Moar GK and Jennifer Thomson GD kept tight on Whalsay’s attack, double marking GS Debbie Irvine in the circle. Whalsay’s GA Karis Leask capitalised on this by shooting some excellent goals to maintain the lead going into the last quarter 27-17.

The final quarter saw Loungers come back fighting, scoring the first 2 goals of the quarter. A change for Whalsay saw Lara Kay coming back on the court at GA sustaining the pressure on Loungers’ defence. Loungers Vicki Smith C kept the ball moving swiftly up in the Loungers attack with some slick passes into the shooters.  It was goal for goal in the final quarter but Whalsays early lead in the game resulted in the final score ending 35-25. Players of the match were Claire Johnston for Loungers and Shelley Anderson for Whalsay.