Ness Hotshots started with first centre but an interception from Whalsay, who found their feet quickly, saw them take the first goal. Ness hotshots continued to fight for every ball but with Whalsay settled, they managed to secure the lead for the first quarter.

Second quarter saw both teams working quickly to get the ball into shooters and converting them to goals. Whalsay’s defence worked well together keeping the ball out of the circle, helping them gain goals. Ness Hotshots were alert and fought for every rebound and loose ball, but with Whalsay keeping on top of the play they left with the 2nd quarter in their favour.

Third quarter started with changes to both sides and Hotshots taking first centre. Both teams wanting possession of the ball. This continued throughout the quarter, Whalsay managed to get into a rhythm and Hotshots were finding it difficult to close down the attack. Hotshots defence were picking up any rebounds and sending them up court. Whalsay’s play continued strong, keeping them on top with the quarter ending 44-9.

Final quarter started with Ness Hotshots ball, they kept strong possession of the ball getting it into the shooters, who converted them into to goals with accurate shooting from all areas of the circle. This was seen from both teams throughout the last quarter. With determination from both sides and strong play from centres, the final quarter ended with Whalsay coming out on top with the final score being 61-17.

Players of the match were Shelley Anderson for Whalsay and Katie Moore for Ness Hotshots.