Yell 14 V Unst 29

The battle of the north isles began with Yell taking the first centre and opening the score. The game was point for point for most of the quarter. Great linking around the circle from both ends. GD Ashley Symington making great interceptions for Unst from shots off target by Yell GA Freya Hannay and GS Kirsty Graham. Unst edging out in front at the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter Unst found their stride. C Irena Poleson and WA Chelsea Jamieson working well around the circle. Yell defence Lesley Robertson and Kerry Nicholson making the Unst shooters work hard to find space. Fantastic shooting from GS Claire Priest allowed Unst to increase their lead.

Yell continued to fight hard, using the space mid court, managing to gain movement up the court but Unst’s defence intercepting missed shots or rebounds. Which gave Unst the opportunity to be back on the attack.

The last quarter both teams kept up the momentum. Yell working well around the circle but Ashley Symington was intercepting vital passes under the net. Yell kept up the attack right to the end. Unst’s determination paid off as they won the match 14-29. Players of the match were Claire Priest for Unst and Kerry Nicholson for Yell.