Yell 25 – Challengers 33

Challengers took the first centre pass and quickly scored the first goal. The game was fast pace from the beginning leaving no room for error; any loose balls were quickly turned over. Challengers WA Holly Jamieson and C Cara Montgomery linked really well around the shooting circle with Yells defence GD Alice Jamieson and GK Kirsty Graham defending well making Challengers work hard for the ball. The first quarter ended 9 – 7 to Challengers.

The second quarter started with changes to the Yell team, the game settled into a good pace. Passing up through the mid court from Yell linked well between WD Denise MacBeath and WA Sandra Petrie, Challengers defence GK Marie Sales putting on the pressure in the circle pushing GS Chloe Miller out and making her shoot long range shots. Strong play from both teams in this quarter and the score ended at 15 all.

Third quarter began at a slower pace. Challengers picked up the pace and pushed ahead, hardly missing a goal from GS Marie Irvine and GA Ellie Sandison this quarter ended with a dominating leading score of 27 – 16 to Challengers.

Back on for the forth and finally quarter began with Yell fighting hard C Amber Morrison and WA Petrie working well together around the shooting circle trying to get the ball through Challengers tight defence GD Valerie Sales. Despite Yells determined efforts, Challengers came out victorious with a final score of 33 – 25. Which brings Yells winning streak of 6 winning games in a row to an end. The player of the match for Yell was WA Sandra Petrie and for Challengers C Cara Montgomery.