Yell 30 V Dutch Courage 15

Yell 30 V Dutch Courage 15

The game started with a Dutch Courage centre with Yell successfully intercepting the ball and convert into a goal. Yell started strong with good passing between shooters Carly Smith (GS) and Martha Colclough (GA). Dutch Courage’s Martha Smith (GD) worked hard to gain their team some interceptions, but the team struggled to get the ball to their shooters resulting in a 9-0 score to Yell.

In the second quarter, Yell’s defence was busy as Dutch Courage had some accurate passes by Cerys Harrop (C) and Anja Leslie (WA) into the circle for Carla Johnson (GS), who scored a few good goals.

DC’s Chloe Howarth (GK) worked hard to get several good interceptions. The score at the end of quarter 2 was 17-9 to Yell.

Dutch Courage fought hard in the third quarter and scored the first goal. Every loose ball was picked up by DC’s Aaliah Leask (GA), who was shooting really well. Yell’s Lorraine Odie (C) and Carly Smith (GA) kept a fast pace throughout this quarter. DC’s Chloe Howarth (GK) was getting most of the rebounds. Quarter 3 ended with a score of 20-12 to Yell.

Both teams started quickly in the fourth quarter, with Yell getting a few interceptions. Dutch Courage never gave up, continuing to work hard to get the ball. Yell continued to push ahead and won, with the final score being 30-15. Players of the match were Carla Johnson (GS+C) for Dutch Courage and Lori-Anne Thomson (WA) for Yell.