Yell took first centre and had early control of the game. Slick passing in mid court between Amber Morrison (centre), Lorraine Odie (WA) and Stephanie Keith (GA), allowed Chloe Miller (GS) to shoot some lovely goals and take an early lead. Wastside began to settle towards the end of the quarter, but both of Yell’s shooters were rarely missing a shot and Yell gained a 5 goal advantage 5-10.

Wastside began to get the fight back in the second quarter. Kirsty Thomson was playing well as centre, feeding the ball to Jodie Walterson (GA) and Isla Moffat (GS), who were having to work hard against tight defending from Yell. Wastside started to claw back the advantage in their favour and the second quarter ended with a 2 goal lead for Wastside 17-15.

Both teams were now looking to clinch a win. Wastside defenders, Bronwyn Walterson (WD), Pauline Walterson (GD) and Sarah Sandison (GK), were marking players well and catching the few rebounds that they could. Yell continued to match Wastside with almost every goal but Wastside edged ahead by a few more goals, ending the quarter 28-24.

In the final quarter it was still all to play for. Amber Morrison rallied the Yell team on. Freya Hanney had changed to GA and was shooting well for Yell, while Stephanie Keith had moved to GK. Defenders, Keith and Lesley Robertson (GD) used their height well to close in on Wastside’s shooters. Again, both teams were almost matching the other with each goal, but it was Wastside that managed to maintain the lead and ended the game with a win 35-30.

Players of the match were Kirsty Thomson for Wastside and Chloe Miller for Yell.