Wastside won the toss and took the first centre. Both teams took a bit to settle into the game, with Wastside opening the score. The duo of GS Isla Moffat and GA Jodie walterson, in the circle for Wastside, were positioning themselves well and shooting accurately. In the opposite circle, Yell’s GA Freya Hannay and GS Stephanie Keith were making the most of the opportunities given to them, but Wastside had taken the lead. The quarter ended 7-11.

The second quarter the pace of the game began to increase. GD Lesley Robertson and GK Christine Nicholson, working hard in the circle to regain possession of the ball for Yell. WD Bronwyn Walterson and GD Pauline Walterson found holes in Yell’s attack, which allowed Wastside to keep their lead to 14-21 at the end of the second quarter.

Yell made a few changes coming back on court for the third quarter, but Wastside still dominated the game. Rebounds intercepted by GK Catherine Henry allows Wastside to gain movement back up the court. Yell’s defence applied pressure but Isla amd Jodie’s shooting was on target, so no chances for Yell to intercept rebounds. Wastside increased the gap in the score to 22-35.

The last quarter Yell were determined not to let the gap in the score to get any bigger. Good linking between Yell C Amber Morrison and WA Sandra Petrie gave opportunity for Freya Hannay to find space in Wastsides defence to score. Wastside kept attcking hard, but Yell’s defence applied pressure making the Wastside shooters pass out of the

circle to try to get closer to the post. Yell kept up the pressure right up until the whistle but was unable to close in on Wastsides lead. The game ended 32-46

Players of the match were Amber Morrison for Yell and Jodie Walterson for Wastside.