Yell 35 V Challengers 38

It was an even start to Challengers vs Yell game with good defence from both teams making the first quarters’ centres long and well fought. Challengers worked the ball well up court but Yell’s defence Kerry Nicholson (GK) and Lesley Strachan (GD) kept taking the ball back to Yell. It was very even play from both teams leaving the score at the end of the first quarter as 8-7 in Yell’s favour.


With several changes to the Yell side, it took a little while to settle into the game. Fantastic feeding from Challengers mid court into their shooters Valerie Sales (GA) and Marie Irvine (GS). Challengers pulled ahead in this quarter to leave it 19-16 at half time.


Interceptions by Challengers, particularly brilliant from Cara Montgomery. With strong mid court from both sides, Lorraine Odie (WA). Interceptions made from Yell through Stephanie Keith’s excellent reach and consistent scoring from Yell shooters made the quarter tight but Challengers took the lead leaving the third quarter at 25-22 to Challengers.


Tight defence from Challengers’ Audrey Irvine and Maria Sales made it difficult for Yell to score. Both teams continued to fight but strong passes in the circle by Challengers allowed them to take the lead and win the match 38-35. Players of the match were Cara Montgomery for Challengers and Freya Hannay for Yell.