Yell 42 V Scallywags 40

Intense play throughout this close game seen Scallywags take the intial lead, with strong movement up the court between Rowan Nicolson (C) and Anne Leask (WA). Yell shooters Freya Hannay (GS) and Stephanie Keith (GA) warmed up, to even out the score, consistent shooting from Scallywags Ann-Marie Robinson (GA) ended the first quarter for Yell 10-9.

Continued linking in the mid court from Nicolson and Yell’s Amber Morrison (C) lead to quick play from end to end, with both teams making important interceptions. Great shooting at both ends of the court kept the score line extremely close, ending 18-16 Scallywags.

Yell fought back with a strong start taking back the lead quickly into the third quarter. Strong defending in Goal Keep with Yell’s Kerry Nicholson and Scallywag’s Rhea Isbister equally working hard to mark their posts. The score stayed even until the end of the quarter with Scallywags clinching it in the last second 31-29.

The last quarter started with both teams thirsty for the win, attacking hard but the increasing pace of play in anticipation forced errors on both sides. A nail biting end to the game, Yell stole the lead after a foul from Scallywags and took the game 42-40. Players of the match were Amber Inkster for Yell and Rowan Nicolson for Scallywags.