Yell 55 V Mishaps 25

Yell took the first centre of the game. Both teams were evenly matched, with play going end to end. Great linking mid court from Mishaps allowed shooting duo Alicia Hunter and Morgan Henderson to keep ahead of Yell at the end of the first quarter.

Yell began to settle into the game in the second quarter. Great defending in the circle from Alice Jamieson and Kirsty Graham put pressure on Mishaps which lead to interceptions, this allowed Yell to gain movement up the court and to take the lead.

Yell kept up the momentum, forcing Mishaps to make mistakes, which in result gave Yell possession. Mishaps defended well but Stephanie Keith and Chloe Miller’s shooting was on target, increasing the gap in the score.

In the last quarter Mishaps made some great interceptions mid court. Determined to steal back some points, Suzanne Manson and Kelsea Robb working well around the circle but defending from Yell was strong and Mishaps couldn’t get the needed points. The match ended 55 – 25 in favour of Yell. Players of the match were Kelsea Robb for Mishaps and Alice Jamieson for Yell