Challengers 31 v 27 McEwans

Da McEwans started the game strong with the first centre pass and quickly converted it into a goal. Da McEwans C Jenny Jamieson and WA Nicola Polson worked well together to get the ball up court. Shooters GS Emily Henderson and GA Brenna Irvine were rarely missing and the quarter ended 12-4 to da McEwans.

The second quarter saw both teams fighting to gain the lead. Challengers settled into the game and had some great shooting from GA Valerie Sales and GS Danielle Johnson. Despite the Challengers strong shooters da McEwans managed to secure the lead ending the quarter 15-14.

Challengers remained strong at the start of the third quarter, with well timed defending and good mid court from Lisa Anderson and Holly Jamieson play helped them get the lead. Da McEwans fought hard through out the quarter but were unable to close the gap. The quarter ended 25-19 in the Challengers favour

After a few changes, a fast paced game continued. Both teams giving everything they had in an attempted to take the points. Even end to end play saw the same numbers of goals scored by either team but unfortunately for da McEwans, Challengers had a big enough lead and took the win, 31-27. Players of the match were Lisa Anderson for the Challengers and Amber Paton for da McEwans.