Scottish Cup

The Scottish Cup competition is an annual centrally hosted event which involves teams from all over Scotland. It is usually held in November at the Oriam in Edinburgh. The tournament consists of round-robin group stages which will determine whether each team goes on to compete in the Scottish cup or the Evelyn Beattie Quaich. The finals for both competitions are held as part of Netball Scotland’s ‘National Finals Day’ event at the end of each season.


The Shetland team entered the Scottish cup for the first time in 2010/2011. This involved competing against teams from all over Scotland, often travelling down to the mainland or having teams travel to Shetland to compete. Initially, the teams played in the group stages, and with success in the group stages the team advanced to the knock-out stages of the competition.

Group Stages Results

Edinburgh Onyx (81) v Shetland (24)
Hollyrood (39) v Shetland (66)
Stewarty (20) v Shetland (85)

Shetland came second in the group and progressed to the 1st round of the knockout stages.

1st Round of Knock-out Stage

Glasgow Saltires (42) v Shetland (36)

Shetland Squad – Marie Clark, Fiona Dally, Louise Fraser, Sarah Grogan, Vicki Henderson (cpt), Emma Leask, Kirsti Leask, Sophie May Leyland, Louise Moar, Lisa Morrison, Andrea Tait, Maisie Unsworth, Hazel Uren, Inga Woods


Group Stages Results

Stathclyde University (32) v Shetland (64)
Helensburgh (32) v Shetland (77)

1st Round of Knock-out Stage

Shetland drew a home game against St Andrews – unfortunately St Andrews were unable to travel and forfeited the points.

Quarter Final

Shetland (34) v Bellahouston (44)

Shetland Squad – Karen Bannister, Marie Clark, Victoria Duthie, Vicki Henderson, Kirsti Leask, Louise Moar, Lisa Morison, Andrea Tait, Maisie Unsworth (cpt), Hazel Uren, Catherine Williamson


Group Stages

Shetland came 2nd in their group, qualifying for the final stages of the cup.

Quarter Final

Shetland (46) v Edinburgh Onyx (54)

scottish cup








Shetland Squad – Back (from left): Karen Bannister, Maisie Unsworth, Kirsti Leask, Louise Moar, Marie Clark (cpt), Vicki Smith. Front: Kylie Wood, Sanna Aitken and Victoria Duthie. Missing was Alina Murray. Photo: Kevin Jones

Coaches – Anne Wood & Morag Fox


On Saturday 15th November 2014 welcomed 32 teams from all over Scotland including Orkney, Caithness and Dingwall. The format of the day was 8 groups of 4 teams, playing 3 round robin matches each.  The 1st and 2nd placed teams from each group progressed  into the Scottish Cup 2nd round, and 3rd and 4th into the Evelyn Beattie Quaich 2nd round.

Group Stages Results

Bella Houston 1 (20) v Shetland (16)
Edinburgh University 1 (17) v Shetland (12)
Shetland (21) v Harmony Row (11)

In the group stages, Shetland beat Harmony Row (2) but were defeated by Edinburgh University’s 1st team and Bella Houston (1), finishing third in their group with 9 points and qualifying for the Evelyn Beattie Quaich 2nd round.

2nd Round

Shetland (52) v Irvine Ladies (17)

Quarter Final

Shetland (46) v Harmony Row (66)

Shetland Squad – Kirsti Leask (cpt), Ava Sim, Debbie Smith, Lisa Morrison, Zoey Symington, Vicki Smith, Karen MacKay, Victoria Duthie, Louise Kelly, Maisie Unsworth, Kim Johnson, Catherine Williamson.

Coaches – Morag Fox and Anne Wood


Shetland Squad – Ava Sim, Kirsti Leask, Zoe Symington, Sanna Aitken, Catherine Williamson, Victoria Duthie, Louise Kelly, Maisie Unsworth, Natalie Constable and Emma Leask.

Coaches – Lesely Spence, Fiona Shearer, Catrina MacLatchie & Sarah Grogan

The three qualifying games played at Bellahouston Sports Facility in Glasgow as follows –

Shetland vs Orkney 21-11

Shetland vs The Red Kites 30-5

Shetland vs Gordonians 15-17

Although not having a clean sweep the team managed to finish in the top two of the group gaining a place in the next round of the competition. The team would like to say a big thank you to Morag Fox for travelling down as an umpire for the day.

A big thank you to Ness Engineering for the generous sponsorship of the Scottish Cup team 2015/2016!

Ness Engineering and Scottish Cup Team


Shetland Squad – Ava Sim, Kirsti Leask, Tahnae MacLennan, Sanna Aitken, Shelley Sandison, Kristen Jeromson Vicki Smith, Victoria Duthie, Debbie Smith, Alina Murray, Maisie Unsworth, Kim Johnson, Claire Morris, Zoey Symington, Natalie Constable and Emma Leask.

Coach – Kirsti Leask, Maisie Unsworth, Vicki Smith and Sanna Aitken

Travelling Umpires – Morag Fox, Beth Mouat & Claire Buckley

Shetland v Onyx: 16 – 27

Shetland v Bellahouston 2: 29 – 16

Shetland v Harmony Row: 19-8

Round 2 –

Shetland v Caledonian – 36 – 35

Quarter Final –

Shetland v Bellahouston 1 – 38-61



The group stages held in November 2018 were held at the Edinburgh Oriam facility alongside the Netball Scotland conference where Tracey Neville, the England Roses coach was the key note speaker. 4 Shetland players attended this conference before competing in the group competition the following day.

In the group stage of the competition Shetland faced Bellahouston Bandits, Glasgow South Saltires 2 and Edinburgh Accies. In this stage the top two teams in the group progress to the Scottish cup competition and the bottom two go on to take part in the Quaich competition. Shetland had a convincing win against Glasgow South Saltires 2, however, lost against Accies and again to Bella Bandits, only by 1 goal! This meant that the Shetland team progressed into the Quaich competition, this was the first time Shetland had missed out on a place in the cup competition. The group was the most competitive group Shetland had been placed in since we started entering the competition.

In January 2019 Shetland travelled to Aberdeen to compete in the next round of the competition against Fife Phantoms. Shetland had a strong start to this game and came out on top with a final score of 42-15, meaning that Shetland would now progress to the Quarter Finals. In February 2019, Shetland again travelled to Aberdeen this time to face Peebles Flames, they were a young team, showing a good level of speed throughout the court. However, experience was on Shetland’s side, winning 73-32 progressed to the Semi-finals. Shetland faced Glasgow South Saltires 2 in Aberdeen for the semi- final, the two teams had met previously in the group stages. Shetland had been strong in the previous game so were confident going into this match. Shetland won 66-29 and secured their place in their first ever Evelyn Beattie Quaich final. This would be played against Kelvin Netball Club who were from Glasgow.

The final day was due to take place on Saturday 18th May in the Aberdeen Sports Village. This event included all age group finals from U13 right through to seniors. Unfortunately for the Shetland team we couldn’t attend the finals day due to getting stuck at Sumburgh with fog. After much communication between both teams and Netball Scotland it was agreed to reschedule the game for Saturday 24th August at Robert Gordon university sports facility.



On Saturday, Shetland took on Glasgow based Kelvin Netball Club in Netball Scotland’s Evelyn Beattie Quaich Final.

The fixture was due to be played in Aberdeen in May at the National Finals Day, however unfortunately the Shetland side were unable to travel due to fog and the game was postponed. After much collaboration, eventually the match was rescheduled to be played at the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen on Saturday 24th August 2019. Unfortunately, the new date meant that Shetland would be missing teammates Claire Morris and Victoria Duthie and Kelvin were missing a few players too but with the new season looming, the show had to go on.

Having just come out of the summer holidays, there was risk of both teams feeling a bit rusty. However, between the Shetland mixed league and a few sporadic training sessions between holidays, weddings and work, Shetland were certainly ready to finish off the 2018-2019 season in style. This is the first national final the senior team has ever reached and the team were keen to play their best netball and clinch the title of Quaich champions.

On arrival to the venue, the teams were welcomed by Netball Scotland and the starting seven for each side were announced onto the court. Although there was no licencing for a livestream, there was a fairly sizable Shetland cohort who were in Aberdeen and had kindly come along to support the blues. Also, playing for the opposing team was another familiar face, Inga Woods who took to the court at Wing Defence and although there were hugs and smiles before the starting whistle, on court both teams had their game faces on and were ready to start! There was no prior indication of who might win as both teams had won convincingly in the previous matches so it was all to play for.

Kelvin had won the toss and opted for first centre pass. Shetland used this to their advantage taking to the court without the initial pressure of scoring the first goal of the match. They immediately put pressure on the Kelvin side, looking for a quick turnover. They were granted their wish with Kelvin making their first error and Shetland were soon in possession taking the first goal. With strong shooting from Kirsti Leask (GS) and Ava Johnston (GA), with smooth feeding from Sanna Aitken (WA) and Karen Bannister (C), Shetland settled quicker than Kelvin taking the first four goals. However, Kelvin were determined not to let Shetland run away with it in the first few minutes of the game and soon took the reins again. Kelvin’s Currie (C) was doing a good job of holding the team together and worked well with the shooters Nicol (GS) and Allison (GA) and they quickly came back to equalise after the first quarter 10-10.

At quarter time, Shetland’s Karen Bannister who is recovering from a recent ankle injury and had put in a good stint for quarter one came off and Catherine Williamson came on with fresh legs. Kristen Jeromson came on at WD to keep the defence fresh too. After 5 minutes to rehydrate and talk tactics, the second quarter was underway. Kelvin were linking well up the court and had found their feet, looking slick in their passing and picking up and converting any loose Shetland balls. The second quarter could only be described as a goal-for-goal battle. No team was more than 2 goals ahead which made for fantastic spectating. Shetland defenders Kim Johnson (GK) and Emma Leask (GD) were working tirelessly n the defending circle, however, Kelvins Nicol (GS) barely missed a shot making the Kelvin attacking circle a very dangerous place for Shetland. Kelvin inched ahead with a score of 25-23 at half time.

Shetland needed to do something radical to keep a hold of the game, so it was decided Kristen Jeromson, usually a defender, would take the centre bib and offer some height and defensiveness into the midcourt. Natalie Constable came back on at WD. Shetland came out strong and took the score back to even however they then took a bit of a wobble. Kelvin seemed to take full advantage of this and piled the pressure on. Shetland made a few unforced errors and Kelvin were quick to grab those extra points and were creeping ahead and before the quarter had fully kicked off, Kelvin had a 4 goal lead 27-31. Shetland were thinking about calling a time to mix things up again, however, things then began to settle again and Shetland scored the next 3 goals bringing it back to 1 in it. Another hard fought quarter saw the score sitting at 35-34 to Shetland-the first time for a while that Shetland had managed to take the lead.

It was all to play for and the officials were thinking extra time may be on the cards. It was all down to stamina and determination. Both teams were feeling the mental drain and the physical exhaustion but were showing equal measures of fight. Shetland decided to leave the team the same for the last quarter. Shetland took the first 2 goals and this was answered with 2 goals back from Kelvin. Then the turning point came for Shetland. With a few rare missed shots from Kelvin, Shetland started to capitalise and took 8 goals in a row. Kelvin were starting to deflate and Shetland ran with their momentum. There was a period of stability for Kelvin who picked back a few goals but it wasn’t enough to save the situation. Shetland were finding space and the shots were going in. Despite pulling ahead further, Shetland were reluctant to take the foot off the pedal as Kelvin always had the potential to make a comeback. Eventually the final whistle came, with a score of 53-42 to Shetland- a score that didn’t reflect the competitiveness of the game.

Exhausted but delighted, Shetland lifted the Quaich and thanked their opposition for such a memorable and hard-fought game. To add to the silverwear, Shetland defender Kim Johnson was awarded the Player of the Match for her outstanding performance.

Thank you to Venture Chiropractic for their sponsorship of our kit and to Northlink Ferries for their sponsorship for our team travel.


Shetland Netball Team 2019 – Evelyn Beattie Quaich Competition

Sanna Aitken (joint Captain)

Kirsti Leask (joint Captain)

Karen Bannister

Natalie Constable

Victoria Duthie

Kristen Jeromson

Kim Johnson

Rhianne Johnston

Emma Leask

Tahnae MacLennan

Claire Morris

Ava Sim-Johnston

Catherine Williamson