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The inaugural senior netball inter-county match took place in 1981 in Shetland. Every year since the two counties have competed, taking it year about to host the event.

Most years the counties have two teams competing, an A team and a B team. The A teams compete for the Ernie Donaldson Shield and the B teams compete for the Inga Manson Cup.

Inter-county 2018

This year’s senior inter-county games took place at home in the Clickamin centre, Lerwick on 24th March.

This years squads consisted of A & B teams- Emma Sandison (N/C), Kayti Jeromson, (6)Sanna Aitken ,(5)Alina Murray (3), Kim Johnson (5), Zoey Symington (1), Leanna Henderson (N/C), Kirsti Leask (14), Shelley Sandison (3), Claire Morris (1), Kristen Jeromson (2), Emma Leask (2), Clare Farmer (3), Lauren Smith (N/C), Vicki Smith (12), Debbie Smith (8), Natalie Constable (7), Tahnae MacLennan (N/C), Karen Bannister (5), Louise Malcolmson (3)

Selectors: Carina MacLatchie, Fiona Shearer and Sarah Grogan

Inter-county 2017

This years senior inter-county games took place in Orkney at the Pickaquoy Centre, Kirkwall on Saturday, 18th March, 2017.

This years squads consisted of A & B Squads – Shelley Sandison (2), Clare Farmer (2), Victoria Duthie (7), Kirsti Leask (13), Natalie Constable (6), Louise Moar (6), Karen Bannister (4), Vicki Smith (11), Maisie Unsworth (7), Kim Johnson (4), Bethany Anderson (NC), Kayti Jeromson (5), Ava Sim (6), Sanna Aitken (4), Claire Morris (NC), Debbie Smith (7), Ann-Marie Goudie (NC), Rhianne Johnston (NC), Sarah Grogan (11)

Coaches: Carina MacLatchie, Lesley Spence and Fiona Shearer

Click here to view the 2017 netball programme

Inter-county 2016

This year’s senior inter-county games took place at home in the Clickamin centre, Lerwick on 19th March.

A Squad – Sanna Aitken, Zoey Symington, Maisie Unsworth (C), Kirsti Leask, Ava Sim, Kim Johnson, Karen Bannister, Louise Kelly, Victoria Duthie and Clare Farmer

B Squad – Jennifer Thomson (C), Alina Murray, Sally Sandison, Ciara Kelly, Natalie Constable, Zoey Symington, Kim Johnson, Debbie Smith, Shelley Sandison, Catherine Williamson and Clare Farmer

Coaches: Carina MacLatchie, Lesley Spence, Fiona Shearer and Sarah Grogan

Click here to view the inter-county 2016 netball programme

Inter-county 2015

The Shetland squads travelled to Orkney this year to play at the Pickaquoy Centre, Kirkwall on the afternoon of the 21st March.

A Squad – Victoria Duthie (5), Kim Johnson (4), Kirsti Leask – Captain (11), Karen MacKay (6), Lisa Morrison (5), Vicki Smith (11), Maisie Unsworth (5)

B Squad – Catherine Williamson  – Captain (7), Kayti Jeromson (4), Louise Kelly (2),  Debbie Smith (5), Zoey Symington (N/C), Jennifer Thomson (5), Hazel Uren (7)

Subs: Clare Farmer (N/C), Curstaidh MacKay (N/C), Dawn Manson (13), Shelley Sandison (N/C) and Alina Murray (2)

Coaches: Morag Fox and Anne Wood

Click here to view the inter-county 2015 netball programme

Inter-county 2014

The Orkney senior netball team made their way to Shetland for the bi-annual inter-county home game.

A Squad – Maisie Unsworth (Captain), Marie Clark, Victoria Duthie, Kim Johnston, Kirsti Leask, Vicki Smith and Kylie Wood

B Squad – Louise Moar (Captain), Sanna Aitken, Natalie Constable, Kayti Jeromson, Dawn Manson, Debbie Smith, Catherine Williamson

Subs: Karen Bannister, Ava Sim, Alina Murray, Vicky Irvine, Hazel Uren

Coaches: Morag Fox and Anne Wood

Click here for the 2014 inter-county programme

Inter-county 2013

The Shetland senior netball squad travelled to Orkney to take part in the annual inter-county fixture.

A Squad – Kirsti Leask, Marie Clark, Lisa Morrison, Kylie Wood, Vicki Smith, Karen Bannister, MaisieUnsworth (capt), Victoria Duthie, Natalie Constable and Kim Johnson

B Squad – Sarah Grogan, Ava Sim, Debbie Smith, Hazel Uren, Karen Mackay, Catherine Williamson (capt), Kayti Jeromson, Megan Keppie, Iona Hlomes anf Jennifer Thompson.

The games will be held at the Pickaquoy centre, Kirkwall starting at 10.00am on Saturday 2nd March 2013.