Dutch Courage 33 v All Sorts 24

The game was very slow in getting started with the first goal taking until the third minute to be scored, the first quarter finished with Dutch Courage taking the lead with a score of 6-4. The second quarter saw some great interceptions from both teams, the pace of the scoring picked up and with on point shooting […]

Challengers 52 V Delting 14

Challengers started the game with the first centre pass and quickly converted it into a goal. First quarter ended 11-4 to Challengers. Challengers kept up the pressure to end the second quarter 26-6. Third quarter ended 39-8 to Challengers. Despite Deltings determination in defence Challengers dominated the game and it ended 52-14. Players of the […]

Hotfooters 25 V Unst 29

It took three full minutes for the teams to settle before GS Shaina Douglas opened the scoring for Hotfooters. Then the game was on and well matched play from both teams saw goal for goal being scored with Marie Robertson Unst GS netting consistently to produce a close first quarter score of 6-5 to the […]

Scallywags 20 v Yell 23

In a top of the table clash Scallywags took on Yell. It was a slow start to the game with both teams struggling to find their feet. Yell scored the first couple of goals with great shooting from Kirsty Graham (GS) and Freya Hannay (GA) beginning the game well for Yell. Each team were fighting […]

Ness Hotshots 15 V Kiwis 51

Kiwis got off to a fast, strong start and quickly built up a lead, taking the first quarter by 18 points. Ness hotshots defence carried on working tirelessly with Chloe Jamieson intercepting any loose balls. Kiwi’s shooters Alina Murray and Zoey Symington rarely missed a shot. Ness Hotshots made a few changes adding Freya Leslie […]

Whalsay 35 V Loungers 25

The game started fast with Loungers winning the first centre pass and setting the pace of the game. A few tips and interceptions from Whalsay’s defence Shelley Anderson and Natalie Constable; were quickly converted in to goals. This resulted in Whalsay gaining the advantage 9-5 in the first quarter. Loungers came back in the second […]

AHS 38 V Kinetics 20

Both teams started off strong but AHS found their feet quicker with swift passes through mid-court by Abby Sandison and Ruth Morris where shooters Imogen Teale and Jodie Walterson was securing goals convincingly. The first quarter finished with AHS leading 10-6. Kinetics defence came back strong with Louise Malcomson getting lots of interceptions and creating […]

AHS V Whalsay

AHS could not field a team and the points were awarded to Whalsay.

Ness Hotshots V Kinetics

Kinetics could not field a team and the points were awarded to Ness Hotshots.

Tullochs 41 vs Kiwis 26

Both teams knew this was going to be a tightly contested match and this showed as Tullochs had a nervous start to the first quarter. Kiwis settled more quickly and accurate shooting from Alina Murray and Rhianne Colvin put Kiwis ahead by 4 goals in the early stages. Some well timed interceptions in the mid […]