Delting 29 V Wastside 29

The first centre of the match went to Delting’s Ashley Hay. Each team had a strong start, with both Ashley Hay of Delting and Julie Crossan of Wastside getting successful centre passes to their teammates. There was great teamwork between Delting’s Erin Hunter and Hannah Williamson in the circle, however they faced a good challenge […]

Dutch Courage 20 V McEwans 35

McEwans secured the first centre pass of the match and quickly converted this into a goal.  Dutch courage followed this up with their own first goal of the match.  Both teams were linking well through their mid-court players and into their shooters. At the end of the first quarter McEwans had a narrow advantage 10-8. […]

Challengers 45 v Ness Hot Shots 40

Both teams started off strong, with Challengers having first centre and securing the first goal. Ness Hot Shots soon came back and with accurate passing from Jodie Sandison WA and Sophie Morris C they were able to quickly feed the ball back up the court where GS Rachel Young and GA Megan Nicolson played well […]

Kinetics V AHS

No report received.

Tulloch Tornadoes 29 V Whalsay 40

The first quarter saw Whalsay settle first with good linking play between Catherine Williamson at C and Debbie Irvine at GA and they quickly pulled ahead by 4 goals in the first few minutes. Tullochs managed to claw back to within 1 point at the end of the first quarter with some well timed interceptions […]

Mishaps 40 V Delting 28

Play started brisk with both teams determined for a win. Mishaps WA Suzanne Manson and centre Leah Henry fed in well to shooters, Kelsey Robb and Alicia Hunter, who were on target and rarely missing a shot. Delting began to add pressure and Erin Hunter (GA) and Hannah Williamson’s (GS) accurate shooting left the first […]

Scallywags V Challengers

This match will be rescheduled due to players self-isolating.

Whalsay 46 V SFC Filsket 28

Whalsay started strong with consecutive long range shots from Debbie Irivne (GA). Ann-Marie Goudie played well in mid court for SFC Filsket, working the ball well towards the shooting circle however Whalsay’s Natalie Constable (GD) and Lauren Sandison (GK) connected well in defence to close down their advances ending the quarter 12-6 in Whalsay’s favour. SFC […]

Loungers 27 V Kiwis 22

Both teams started off strong, taking their own centres comfortably. Claire Johnston made a great interception for Loungers in the Kiwis circle, however this was quickly taken back by Kiwis in their mid-court. Kiwis had to work hard to keep their centre to keep it even at 2 all. The ball was worked up and […]

Ness 35 V Kinetics 15

The first quarter was a slow start with Kinetics scoring the first goal. There was good defending the Ness duo Ailish and Ruth. Both teams started to get into a good flow with good shouting and communication. The second quarter was fast, with both teams getting goals. Ashley defending well up the court as WD. […]