Challengers 51 V 35 McEwans

Division 3 – Play Off

Challengers 51 V 35 McEwans

The first quarter saw both teams determined to take the lead with top of the league to play for. Both teams settled well into the first quarter, with plenty noise from spectators at the side lines. Jenny Jamieson (C) worked well with Nicola Polson (WA) to move the ball up to Da McEwans shooters Kirsty Porter (GA) and Mairi Polson (GS). Challengers defenders Amy Pearson (GK) and Abbey Arthur (GD) made the most of every rebound and quickly got the ball away from the circle and up the court with Evie Williamson (WD) getting into space for the passes. The first quarter finished with only 3 goals in it 12-9.

The second quarter was fast paced, with both teams fighting for every ball. Challengers mid court players were making some great interceptions and getting the ball up to their end. Accurate passing into the circle from Holly Jamieson (WA) and Sarah Groat (C) to shooters Danielle Johnson (GS) and Valerie Sales (GA) saw Challengers increase the gap in the score. Da McEwans defenders Ellie Sutherland (GK) and Isla Thomson (GD) put the pressure on in the circle but Challengers shooters were getting the shots in. The half time score was 25-17 to Challengers.

The third quarter saw Da McEwans defence put the pressure on more with Faye Anderson (WD) working well with the defenders to keep Challengers shooters out of the circle. Both teams were fighting for the ball at every centre with good interceptions being made by both sides. Joanne Stewart (GA) and Brenna Irvine (GS) worked well together in Da McEwans circle to get in some good shots. Challengers managed to maintain the lead with the quarter ending 38-26.

The final quarter saw Challengers determined to keep their lead. Da McEwans worked well to intercept passes and move the ball up to their shooters with Challengers defenders keeping the pressure on. Da McEwans defenders made things difficult for Challengers in the circle but the shooters were managing to get close to the net and get rebounds. The game finished 51-35 with Challengers taking the top of the league position.