Johnson Jaguars 44 V 23 Mishaps

Both teams were delighted to get back on the court after the summer break with both new players and some players still on holiday. Both teams showed a little unsettled in their play during the first quarter resulting in a very low finishing score of 6-5 to Jags.

The second quarter started with minimal changes for both teams. Jaguars GD Freya Leslie started to show her strength mid court getting as many interceptions as possible and feeding this up to Morris sisters – Sophie and Ruth shooting for Jaguars. This started to show a great advantage for the Jags and they slowly took a lead. Mishaps Sonja Scollay and Morgan Taylor defending put up a good fight and attempted every possible steal with WD Paula Williamson getting a few very impressive interceptions. Despite this the quarter ended 19-9 to Jaguars.

The third quarter saw Mishaps Leah Henry and Kelsey Robb team up mid court in an attempt to feed the ball to Alicia Hunter and Sophie Davidson in the shooting circle whenever possible. Alicia Hunter proved herself an asset to the team getting the goals in from anywhere in the circle with very little opportunity for defending duo Abby Harcus and Freya Leslie for Jaguars to get any rebounds. Chloe Jamieson took up WD for Jags with Sandison twins Krissi and Jodie in the mid court. Both sisters showed excellent fitness and drive getting the ball into the Morris sisters with ease. The quarter finished 30-19 to Jaguars.

The last quarter saw Suzanne Manson return to the court for Mishaps and Maisie Malcolmson for Jaguars. Jaguars again showed their fitness and determination in getting as much gap as possible in the score and scoring an impressive 14 goals in the last quarter. Mishaps Brooke Williamson took to defending and put as much pressure on the Morris sisters as possible but despite this they managed to finish the last quarter 44-23. Players of the Match were Alicia Hunter for Mishaps with her incredible shooting and Freya Leslie for Johnson Jaguars.