Loungers 27 V 36 Kiwis

It was a strong start from Loungers but an interception meant that it wasn’t long before Kiwis were in the game.  The defence on both sides played well to take advantage of any mistakes in the circle. Loungers led in the first quarter 7 goals to 5.

It was even play going into the second quarter.  Each pass was defended tightly by both teams. Kiwis pushed ahead with the goals but Loungers didn’t let it last long.  The Loungers shooters worked well together feeding accurately into tight gaps.

It was an even start going into the third quarter.  Kiwis fought back to make the score equal at 18 goals each.  Both teams were determined and obviously fighting hard making some forced errors.  It then turned into a slightly chaotic and frantic game by the end of the third quarter.  Kiwis took the lead by 3 goals going into the final quarter.

Kiwis looked to be the more confident team going into the last quarter.  They made strong and well timed interceptions.  This helped their confidence grow and allowed them to win the game 36 – 27. Players of the match were Claire Johnston for Loungers and Alina Murray for Kiwis.