Loungers 27 V Kiwis 22

Both teams started off strong, taking their own centres comfortably. Claire Johnston made a great interception for Loungers in the Kiwis circle, however this was quickly taken back by Kiwis in their mid-court. Kiwis had to work hard to keep their centre to keep it even at 2 all. The ball was worked up and down the court, with interceptions being made by both teams. An interception from Kiwis Kim Johnson made its way up the court to take Kiwis ahead 4-3. A substitution was made in Loungers mid-court due to injury. Loungers turned over 2 interceptions and capitalised on these, ending the quarter 6-4 in their favour.

The pressure was on for both teams in the second quarter. Loungers initially furthered their lead to 9-5. However, some slick feeding from Kiwi’s Sanna Onhausz and accurate shooting from Rhianne Colvin helped to take Kiwis back to only 1 behind, settling a frantic game. Confident defence from Loungers Sally Sandison seen further interceptions be made, which were moved up the court well and helped to pull Loungers ahead again, ending the second quarter 13-10.

The third quarter saw similar back and forth play, with strong defence on both sides creating many turnovers. Lounger maintained and capitalised on their lead in this quarter, finishing 21-16.

The final quarter was an even one in which the 5 goal difference was maintained. Loungers began strong, taking 2 interceptions in their defensive circle however Dawn Manson helped bring calm to Kiwis attack and helped to ensure that Loungers did not pull further ahead. Both teams showed consistently good shooting lovely passing up the court, with Hazel Johnson for Loungers and Libby Fox for Kiwis both working tirelessly in the centre court to provide options and opportunities for their teams. The final quarter finished with Loungers taking victory with a 27-22 score line. Player of the match were Claire Johnston for Loungers and Maisie Unsworth for Kiwis.