Loungers 41 V 29 Ness

Loungers 41 V 29 Ness

There was a bit of a scrappy start to the match while both teams settled in.  Despite some early pressure from the Loungers defence of Louise Moar and Claire Johnson, the shooting combination of Estella Smith and Sarah Kissick for ness started the game in fine form rarely missing a shot.  Some strong rebounding from ness goal keeper Michaela Christie saw Ness edge ahead despite patient through court play from Loungers.  Quick thinking and an accurate pass from wing defence Aimee Budge helped Ness pinch a goal in the dying seconds, the quarter finishing 9-6 to Ness.

The second quarter started goal for goal with Jodie Walterson having an impact in the Loungers circle, combining well with Stella Oldbury.   Steady play from Molly Fraser and Megan Leslie in centre court saw Ness maintain their advantage but an injury to Ailish Goodlad near the end of the quarter saw some of the Ness team playing out of position and Loungers were able to close the gap to two goals, the score 19-17 to Ness.

A scrappy start to the third quarter saw Ness capitalising on any opportunity, but they were unable to break away from Loungers. Some excellent through court support from wing attack Kaitlin Leslie and consistently strong play from centre Vicki Smith kept Loungers in contact each time Ness edged ahead.  A strong end to the quarter with intercepts from Hazel Johnson and Claire Johnson saw Loungers take the lead 26-24.

In the fourth quarter Loungers really found their form with strong connections in attack and great support from defence.  Loungers were able to capitalise on any mistakes made gaining tips and intercepts and were able to quickly transition the ball through to goal, dominating the final quarter to take the game 41-29.

Players of the match were Vicki Smith for Loungers and Estella Smith for Ness.