Ness 25 V 36 Whalsay

Ness 25 V 36 Whalsay

The game started with Ness taking the first centre, where both teams defended well, keeping the game very tight. Accurate shooting from Whalsay shooters led to them winning the first quarter 14-10.

The second quarter started with both teams fighting hard. Whalsay’s midcourt made excellent linking up the court, seeing quick passes into their circle from Leanna Jamieson and Marie Anderson. Ness’ strong defending throughout aided to close the gap, however Whalsay maintained their lead at 23-21.

The third quarter saw Whalsay’s shooters Karis Leask and Josie Smith creating lots of shooting opportunities and many goals. Ness midcourt Aimee Budge and Megan Leslie linked well up the court and were able to get a few interceptions. However, tight defending from Whalsay’s defence led to more opportunities for Whalsay to extend their lead. The end of the third quarter finished at 36-26.

The last quarter saw Ellie Sandison come on at WA, who linked well with Leanna Jamieson at C, giving strong feeds into Whalsay’s shooters. Defenders on both teams made the shooters work hard. Whalsay were able to maintain their lead throughout the quarter, with the final

score at 36-25. Players of the match were Karis Leask for Whalsay and Estella Smith for Ness.