Ness 39 V 16 SFC Filsket

The game started slowly with both teams taking time to get back into playing netball after the summer break. The play was back and forth with some scrappy passing from both teams. Ness shooters Sarah Kissick and Estella Smith worked well to create some space against tight defending from Filsket. Andrea Jeromson made a comeback at GS playing well with daughter Kristen at C whose interceptions made an impact on the play upcourt. Th first quarter ended 14-3 to Ness.

Becca Williamson’s first touch in her debut to Ness resulted in the first goal of the second quarter. Filsket had some good play upcourt into their GA whose shots were on target. As usual Aimee Budge worked tirelessly at WD. At half time the score was 20-5 to Ness.

Good shooting continued from both teams as they got into the game. Fast play by both teams upcourt but this resulted in some frantic passing. Ness defenders worked well together and Ellie Bisset worked hard to support up the court as well. Quarter ended 27-11 to Ness

Defenders on both teams made the shooters work hard but their shots were on point and if not the defenders were ready for the rebound. Final score was 39-16 to Ness. Players of the match were Kristen Jeromson for Filsket and Sarah Kissick for Ness.