Scallywags 50 V 8 Delting

Scallywags 50 V 8 Delting

The game started off with a Scallwags centre. Delting worked hard to get a turn over and score the first goal of the match. An interception and good feeding from Scallywags mid-court resulted in an equaliser from shooter Erin Leask. Delting defence worked well in the

circle to catch rebounds and work the ball back up the court. The quarter ended 11-4 to Scallywags.

It was Scallywags to score the first goal in the second quarter. There was strong playing from both teams with a lot of end to end play. There was interceptions and rebounds caught by defenders on either team. The quarter ended 19-5.

Delting’s defence worked hard in the third quarter but strong shooting from Anne-Marie Robinson and quick passes into the circle meant Scallywags pulled ahead into a strong lead, with the quarter ending 33-7.

Erin Leask scored the opening goal for scallywags in the final quarter, scoring a second before Delting pulled one back. Delting had scallywags defence working hard in the circle. Ami Maddison and Ella Robertson set the pressure on Deltings shooters with tight marking.

Scallywags continued with strong passes up the court, meaning Scallywags kept their lead until the last whistle. The final score was 50-8 to scallywags. Players of the matche were Erin Leask for Scallywags and Claire Smith for Delting.