Unst 39 v 11 Dutch Courage

Irena Polson (C ) for Unst took the first centre pass and control of the game. She quickly made connection with Unst’s Erin Spence (GA) who had no problem finding the net. DC’s Chloe Howarth (GK) put up a strong defence causing problems for Unst’s Marie Leask (GS). DC’s centre court worked had to push the ball up court with Miley Watt (C) creating space and options for DC however Unst’s Naomi Brown (WD) and Linda Thomson (WA) had the mid court covered and intercepted any stray passes. The first quarter ended in Unst’s favour 10-1.

Dutch Courage made a few changes on court as did Unst who saw Danielle Witt come on as GD and really made her mark on the court for her first senior match. DC’s Laura Sinclair (GA) mixed up the play in their shooting circle however Witt (GD) was undaunted and made some great interceptions, keeping play in Unst hands. Zoe Stewart (C) for DC showed great determination and was well supported by Anja Leslie (WD), however Polson’s (C) agility allowed her to quickly feed the ball up to Spence (GA) and Leask (GS). Half time score was 20-4.

DC came back on court with renewed determination and Howarth (GS) made an impact to the score line this quarter. Bryanie Thomson (WA) also made her first appearance for Unst giving good support in the centre court. There was more end to end play this quarter with Unst’s tight defence forcing DC to make some high passes which Witt (GD) took advantage of making some great interceptions. Despite best efforts from DC the 3rd quarter finished 29-9 for Unst.

In the final quarter Unst continued to dominate the play with Witt (GD), Polson (C ) and Spence (GA) linking well up the court to keep the DC defence Laura Sinclair (GD) working hard to prevent goals. Kerry Laurenson (GS) for Unst and Spence (GA) paired well to work the ball around the circle. The game ended 39-11 to Unst. Players of the match were DC’s Chloe Howarth and Unst’s Irena Polson.