Wastside 25 V Unst 15

Wastside V Unst

Both teams started strongly with lots of end to end play. Ashley Hunter, Kirsten Smith and Shona Hunter worked well together to feed the ball into Wastsides circle. Unst defenders Linda Thomson and Lisa Johnson were marking tightly and making it difficult for Wastside shooters Erin Morrison and Mhari Dradrowska to get the ball. However their accurate shooting saw Wastside pull ahead to end the quarter 6-2.

The second quarter started with some changes, Unst moved Thomson to WA and Martha Moar came on at GD and Wastside’s Ruby Leask came on at WA. Unst’s Naomi Brown and Claire Laurenson linked well, with Thomson making some good interceptions. Wastside’s accurate feeds into the circle from Ashley Hunter and Ruby Leask were consistently converted into goals by Morrison and Dradrowska, ending the quarter 14-8 to Wastside.

Unst started the third quarter determined, with Unst defenders Danielle Witt and Martha Moar making good interceptions. Accurate shooting from Kerry Laurenson and Claire Priest saw Unst close the gap, ending the quarter 17-13.The fourth quarter started strong from both teams. Wastside’s Bronwyn Walterson and Sarah Sandison worked tirelessly around the circle and made it difficult for Unst to score. The match ended 25-15 to Wastside. Players of the match were Ashley Hunter for Wastside and Claire Laurenson for Unst.