AHS 42 V Wastside 20

AHS got off to a strong start with strong passing from Sandison and Graham into the circle and accurate shooting from Teale and Young leading to a score of 12-5 to AHS at the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter changes in midcourt for AHS proved beneficial with Thompson coming on at C and Sandison switching to WA. This allowed AHS to continue their lead and finish the first half strongly with a score of 23-7 at half time.

Wastside started the third quarter strong with well-timed interceptions from Tulloch leading to goal scoring opportunities . Wastside played sharp passes up the court with Crossan and Keith accurately feeding in the ball to Odie and Moffat making some impressive shots for Wastside. This combination of strong play lead to Wastside narrowing the score down to 31-13 at the end of the third quarter.

In the final quarter Wastside got off to another strong start with shooters Moffat and Odie rarely missing a shot. AHS also got off to a strong start with Sandison and Morris making quick passes up the court to Teale and Young. The final score was 42-20 with Wastside narrowly missing out on half points. The players of the match were May Young for AHS and Juile Odie for Wastside.