Delting 15 v 28 Wastside

It was a strong first centre for Delting, working well into shooting circle. However, Wastside’s tight marking made it hard for Delting to convert into a goal. The ball was being passed quickly up the court within the Wastside team however the interceptions lin their shooting circle led to the ball being turned over. Delting’s shooter Hannah Williamson had some amazing movement within the circle resulting in her scoring some spectacular goals. This ended the quarter 6-4 to Delting. 

Both team came out with a fast start for the second quarter. Delting had a good start and showing good linking between the shooters Nala Williamson and Hannah Williamson. Wastside’s Shona Hunter made her presence felt and broke this link with her strong interceptions. The quarter saw end to end play without a goal until Mhari Drozdowska from Wastside broke the deadlock. Jenna Mouat of Delting showed very strong interceptions breaking Wastsides smooth play as well as Nicola Robertson, Delting, stealing the rebound of their shots. However this great defensive work wasn’t enough for Wastside to steal the lead and quarter 2 ended 8-7 to Delting. 

Delting made switches within their defence this quarter, Wastside’s shooter Mhari had great goal this quarter, Delting Holly Stephen and Ashley Hay had great movement and good linking up the court to get it to their shooters. When they were in and around the circle making fabulous connections between them and their shooters. Wastside picked up the pace and was fast moving up the court and had very fluent passes throughout. Ending the quarter 18-10 to Wastside. 

Quarter 4 saw Delting carry on with great accuracy in their shooting and worked well within the circle with strong passes. Wastside also had great linking play moving up court and had plenty of chances for shots. However, Delting’s defence were making some amazing interceptions which stopped Wastside converting as many shots as they would have hoped for. Wastside however managed to maintain their lead and the final score was 28-15 to them. Player of the match for Delting was Nicola Robertson and Wastside player of the match was Shona Hunter.