Yell 42 V Scallywags 40

Intense play throughout this close game seen Scallywags take the intial lead, with strong movement up the court between Rowan Nicolson (C) and Anne Leask (WA). Yell shooters Freya Hannay (GS) and Stephanie Keith (GA) warmed up, to even out the score, consistent shooting from Scallywags Ann-Marie Robinson (GA) ended the first quarter for Yell […]

Unst 23 V Challengers 49

The game started quickly with Challengers winning the toss & making good use of it. Play was fast and there were lots of turnovers with Challengers’ Cara Montgomery making some brilliant interceptions and Ellie Sandison and Danielle Johnson turning them into goals. Unst kept fighting with Jade Stevenson and Anya Risk working hard to get […]

Wastside 16 V Ness Hotshots 60

The first quarter started off with even play from both sides, but quickly Ness Hotshots’s attacking combinations and immaculate shooting shone through. Wastside’s defensive combinations of Sarah Sandison and Sophie Bain made some good interceptions and centre Bronwyn Walterson worked it well up the court, but Hotshots’s defensive combination of Chloe Jamieson and Lijana Kornejeva […]

Challengers V Yell

Challengers could not field a team and the points were awarded to Yell.

Ness Hotshots V Challengers

Challengers could not field a team and the points were awarded to Ness Hotshots.

Wastside 21 v Yell 44

Yell won the first centre which was converted into a goal within the first minute. Yell started the game strong with great linking in mid court between Amber Morrison and Sandra Petrie. The great linking resulted in quite a few goals from both Stephanie Keith and Freya Hannay. Yell shooters Keith and Hannay put prodigious […]

Scallywags 23 V Unst 24

Unst won the toss and this saw them take the first centre of what was to be a very close hard fought match between the two sides.  Play was pretty frantic at the beginning of the quarter but it was not long until Unst opened the scoring.  Scallywags were soon to settle and this saw […]

Ness Hotshots 27 V Unst 33

The game started with strong play from both teams. Unst’s Centre Irena Polson and GA Alana Johnson worked well together to get a slight lead against Hotshots. Hotshots Kelsea Blades, Molly Nicolson and Freya Leslie ensured that they kept in the game getting the ball up to the shooters leaving the quarter 7-10. The second […]

Scallywags 35 V Wastside 33

Scallywags took the first centre in what was to be an even, well fought match. The first quarter saw a lot of end to end play, with accurate shooting from both teams. Scallywag’s midcourt were linking well together to feed accurate passes into Anne Marie Robinson and Eden Wadley, who were being carefully marked by […]

Scallywags 40 V Yell 28

Scallywags won first centre but a great interception from GD Kerry Nicholson led to Yell getting the first goal despite strong play from Scallywags GK Judy Hamer. Yell were quick to capitalise on any errors keeping the score close for the first half of the quarter. Scallywags began to settle into the game with Chloe […]