Scallywags 30 v Challengers 13 

Scallywags won the toss and opted to take the first centre of the game.  Play was very frantic for the first few minutes, as both teams were trying to settle and this saw end to end play until the first goal was scored by Challengers.  Scallywags Anne Leask C and Bethany Moar WA were linking […]

Delting 29 V Wastside 29

The first centre of the match went to Delting’s Ashley Hay. Each team had a strong start, with both Ashley Hay of Delting and Julie Crossan of Wastside getting successful centre passes to their teammates. There was great teamwork between Delting’s Erin Hunter and Hannah Williamson in the circle, however they faced a good challenge […]

Dutch Courage 20 V McEwans 35

McEwans secured the first centre pass of the match and quickly converted this into a goal.  Dutch courage followed this up with their own first goal of the match.  Both teams were linking well through their mid-court players and into their shooters. At the end of the first quarter McEwans had a narrow advantage 10-8. […]

Challengers 45 v Ness Hot Shots 40

Both teams started off strong, with Challengers having first centre and securing the first goal. Ness Hot Shots soon came back and with accurate passing from Jodie Sandison WA and Sophie Morris C they were able to quickly feed the ball back up the court where GS Rachel Young and GA Megan Nicolson played well […]

Yell 12 V McEwans 26

Yell wins the first centre pass. The game starts with fighting spirit from both teams and Yell GS Martha Colclough scores first and then McEwan’s C Nicole Polson & GA Jenny Jamieson linking up well with strong passes and score their first goal quickly afterwards. Yell’s defence work well together, making it hard for the […]

Ness Hotshots 47 v Dutch Courage 14

Ness Hotshots started the game off the strongest with their defensive circle of GD Freya Leslie and GK Kayleigh Young picking up some nice deflections and not giving Dutch Courage’s shooters any time to settle. Hotshots attacking play was very nice and it was through this that they ended the quarter with an 11-2 lead. […]

Mishaps 22 V Challengers 24

  The match got off to a quick start with many players returning to the court for the first time since pre COVID. Both teams began linking well up the court with Challengers just grasping the lead at 4-3 by the end of the first quarter. The second quarter saw great interceptions mid court from […]

Wastside 13 V Scallywags 36

Wastside got the first centre but Alana Smith (GA) Scallywags intercepted and went onto score the first goal. Wastside were quick off the whistle and secured a goal from their second centre. There was frantic play from end to end. Good linking from Rowan Nicolson (C), Anne Leask (WA) and Alana Smith. Tight defence from […]

Yell 42 V Scallywags 40

Intense play throughout this close game seen Scallywags take the intial lead, with strong movement up the court between Rowan Nicolson (C) and Anne Leask (WA). Yell shooters Freya Hannay (GS) and Stephanie Keith (GA) warmed up, to even out the score, consistent shooting from Scallywags Ann-Marie Robinson (GA) ended the first quarter for Yell […]

Unst 23 V Challengers 49

The game started quickly with Challengers winning the toss & making good use of it. Play was fast and there were lots of turnovers with Challengers’ Cara Montgomery making some brilliant interceptions and Ellie Sandison and Danielle Johnson turning them into goals. Unst kept fighting with Jade Stevenson and Anya Risk working hard to get […]