Unst 28 V 16 Yell

The North Isles derby is always a highly anticipated match with both Isles teams hoping that they will be the team to come out on top. The match started off with uncharacteristically calm play and Unst claimed the first 4 goals without answer from Yell. Erin Spence at GA for Unst used her speed around the court to great effect, helping to move the ball into the Unst shooting circle where GS Claire Priest was finding the net without a problem. The first quarter ended 14-3 to Unst.  

After a slow start Yell came out onto court in the 2nd quarter with determination to reduce the gap in the score line.  Yell started to increase the defensive pressure on the ball immediately from each centre pass and Unst had to work hard to find a way to move the ball down the court. Alice Jamieson at GK for Yell came on working alongside Malin Leslie at GD. They started to shut down the space in the Unst shooting circle and was always ready to make crucial interceptions to regain possession for Yell. Unst led 18 – 6 at half time.  

Quarter 3 saw Unst begin to make some changes and get their subs involved. The pace of play increased with both teams determined to take control of the game. This pressure started to affect the quality of the passing down court and errors starting to creep in. Unfortunately, early into the quarter saw an injury cut Jamieson’s time short on the court and Yell certainly missed her energy in the 2nd half of the game. In the highest scoring quarter for Yell they added a further 7 goals to their tally with the score 24 – 12 going into the final quarter.  

The final quarter continued to be played at a rapid pace with Malin Leslie at GD for Yell working hard to contain Erin Spence GA for Unst, who was always looking to intercept any loose balls in the middle third. Carly Smith and Stephanie Keith in the shooting circle for Yell continued to work hard to keep their tally up right to the final whistle. A very competitive match ended 28-16 in favour of the Unst team with Erin Spence player of the match for Unst and Malin Leslie for Yell.