Mishaps 30 v 42 Scallywags

The first quarter started very even with end to end play from both teams. A very fast paced and strong game with accurate shooting from both sides. Kayleigh Dade matching goal for goal to Scallywags Anja Kurtz leaving the first quarter very even with Scallywags one goal ahead 7-6. 

Mishaps made a few changes and Scallywags came into their own, continuing with a very fast paced, strong game. Strong centre court play from Scallywags Rowan Nicolson forcing Mishaps to work hard but Scallywags fairly pulled a head in this quarter. Strong defence too from Ella Robertson adding pressure to Mishaps shooters. Scallywags took a 10 goal lead this quarter leaving the score on 23-13 to Scallywags. 

The 3 quarter evened its self out, both teams playing really well. Strong passes, fast centre passes and good interceptions. Both teams scored 10 goals this quarter, Mishaps settling into their game and good pressure from Brooke Williamson and Elaine Gair in the circle to even out the match. 

In the final quarter both teams were still battling out for a win with Scallywags only scoring one more goal that Mishaps this quarter. A thoroughly enjoyable, friendly game seeing both teams working hard and playing great netball. The final score was in favour of Scallywags ending 42- 30 to Scallywags. Players of the match were Anja Kurtz for Scallywags and Kayleigh Dade for Mishaps.