Delting 22 v 32 Dutch Courage

Dutch Courage started strong from their centre pass. Was good movement across the court from both teams however Delting pulled through leading in a brilliant shot from Erin Hunter. Cerys Herrop from Dutch Courage was showing really good movement in the circle, however Delting showed good movement around the circle resulting in more goals from Delting, however Dutch Courage defence made it hard. Was a really good first quarter for both teams and finished with Delting winning  6-4.  

Fast start from Dutch courage winning the ball back and resulting in several goals from their shooters. However Delting made a strong comeback and was good movement through the circle from Delting, Erin Hunter from Delting had very Strong shooting. Deltings goal defence Jenna Mouat had amazing interceptions. Dutch courage was keeping the play fast which resulted in the quarter finishing 12-11 to Dutch Courage.  

Dutch courage quick off the blocks again with good movement around the circle, Delting struggling to keep up however Delting was strong on rebounds from Dutch Courages shots resulting in goal from Delting. Dutch Courage was fast moving up the court however couldnt get past Deltings Goal Defence Kaitlyn Johnson which resulted in Dutch Curage moving in and around the circle more. Dutch courage was very strong in their quick passes into the circle which resulted in the quarter finishing 24-15 to Dutch Courage. 

The final quarter started fast and Delting defence working well making it hard for Dutch courage to enter the circle. Gemma Leask from Dutch Courage had amazing interceptions which worked in their favor meaning they were able to shoot well. Delting was very encouraging to their players throughout the quarter ensuring players knew where they were. Deltings Hannah Williamson was a strong force this quarter as her shooting was very clean, supported by strong passing around the  circle by her team mates. However this wasn’t enough as the match ended 32-22 to Dutch Courage. Players of the match were Holly Stephen for Delting and Cerys Hurrop for Dutch Courage