Delting 29 V Wastside 29

The first centre of the match went to Delting’s Ashley Hay. Each team had a strong start, with both Ashley Hay of Delting and Julie Crossan of Wastside getting successful centre passes to their teammates. There was great teamwork between Delting’s Erin Hunter and Hannah Williamson in the circle, however they faced a good challenge from Wastside defenders Bronwyn Walterson and Margaret Malcomson. Mid court play from Wastside was strong and fast-moving which kept Delting on their toes. The score at the end of the first quarter was 5-5.

The second quarter saw Wastside push Delting into their defence with fast mid court passing. However, Delting challenged Wastside back with great teamwork from their Wing Attack Atlanta Williamson and Centre Ashley Hay. Wastside’s Mhari Drozdowska showed some excellent shooting throughout the quarter which ended at a score of 14-13 to Wastside.

The third quarter saw Delting making some good interceptions in the middle court and interfering with Wastside play. Wastside kept the pressure on, but Delting managed to hold their own and continue to make strong passes up the court. Both teams again presented excellent shooting, but with Delting’s Goal Shoot Erin Hunter getting some impressive shots in the quarter ended at 21-19 to Delting.

The fourth quarter once again saw strong mid court play from both teams, with Wastside players Shona Hunter (Wing Defence) and Bronwyn Walterson (Goal Defence) showing particularly good defence against Delting’s attacking players. Delting’s defence moved forward, and received some centre passes to help out their attackers, which allowed them to hold their position in the centre third really well. Wastside’s Goal Shoot Erin Morrison was being challenged by Delting’s Nala Williamson but still managed to get into good spaces and score some amazing shots. Some great teamwork was shown between Delting’s Goal Defence Jenna Mowat and Wing Defence Lily Rendall in the last quarter, allowing Delting to keep up a strong defence against Wastside attacks. With a final effort from both teams and more phenomenal shooting, the match ended at a draw of 29-29.

Players of the match were Mhari Drozdowska GA for Wastside, due to her incredible shooting and teamwork throughout each quarter and Erin Hunter GS for Delting. Erin showed some amazing shooting throughout the game.