Delting 9 V Yell 58

Yell were quick to dominate play with a very fast paced game. Freya Hannay and Stephanie Keith worked well in the circle with Jody Couper and Hannah Laurenson putting up a good defence. At the other end of the court Yell put up a great defence with Lesley Strachan and Kirsty Graham making it very difficult for Delting in the circle.

During the 2nd quarter Delting started strong with Hannah Laurenson but Yell made some great interceptions to once again take control of the game. Jody Couper continued to put up a good defence in the circle but Freya Hannay and Stephanie Keith continued to dominate.

The 3rd and 4th quarters of the game saw some great passing up the court by Delting lasses Katrina Coutts, Ashley Hay, Hannah Laurenson and Niamh Batty and a few more goals added to the score by Rhona Clark and Lily Rendall but the Yell defence was just too strong which was reflected in the final score. Yell Player of the Match was Stephanie Keith and Delting Player of the Match was Ashley Hay.