Dutch Courage 30 V Challengers 62

Both teams set off strong scoring goal for goal early in the first quarter.  Possession remained fairly equal but Challengers managed to pull ahead with sharp shooting from Marie Irvine & Valerie Sales.  After some powerful deflections back out of the circle GK Laura Sinclair for Dutch Courage fell to her injury and was replaced by Sonja Jamieson.  The first half ended with a score of 9 – 12 to the Challengers.

Second quarter began with strong defending from Audrey Irvine, fast to intercept the ball leaving Dutch Courage shooters Julie Nisbet and Alison Anderson battling to find space in the circle.  Kathleen Robertson for Dutch Courage made some quick interceptions in the centre court but despite her gallant efforts Challengers managed to maintain possession with clean passes through to their attack bringing their lead a stride ahead to 28 -16 at half time.

Both teams made changes to their line up in the third quarter with Ellie Sandison stepping into WA for Challengers and Sadie Meadows into GA for Dutch Courage.  Challengers continued with a strong attack, breaking through the spaces but Dutch Courage defence Alisha Tulloch and Cheryl Mouat kept the pressure on.  Challengers confident in their rhythm now, they pulled their lead ahead again to 43 – 22.

The final quarter saw Dutch Courage fired up ready to pull back some points with a counterattack but Challengers were confident and unyielding with Danielle Johnson shooting on target nearly every time.  Dutch Courage still fighting to the finish managed to break through the defence a few times which gave Julie Nisbet a chance to shine scoring a few long distance shots.  It just wasn’t enough to overcome Challengers well established lead with a final score of 62 -30.  Players of the match were Audrey Irvine for Challengers and Julie Nisbet for Dutch Courage.