Dutch Courage were quick to settle into the first game of the season, dominating play. The Dutch Courage defence was strong taking advantage of any loose balls and making interceptions. Julie Brown (GA) and Alison Anderson (GS) capitalised on this to secure Dutch Courage a strong lead. By the second quarter Delting began to settle into play and did well to find space in the mid-court. Delting’s WD, Emma Hunter, made it hard for the Dutch Courage attack. The Third quarter saw Delting come out fighting and they were able to reduce the gap in score. Lily Rendall (GS) and Rhona Clark (GA) were able to break through the Dutch Courage defence and score some goals. Dutch Courage responded well in the fourth quarter, with Cheryl Mowat (WD) provided good support and moved quickly through the court. The game ended with Dutch Courage securing the win.

Players of the match were Kate Wills (C) for Dutch Courage and Emma Hunter (WD) for Delting.