Dutch Courage 36 v Mishaps 51

Dutch Courage took a moment to find their feet as Mishaps set a fast paced rhythm but by the end of the first quarter they were only 2 points behind. Vaila Robertson WA for Dutch Courage made some speedy links between Kate Wills’ centre passes and Alison Anderson in at GS. Alison executed some impressive shots from the outer edge of the circle and made very little errors. Mishaps Elaine Gair GD worked tirelessly around Dutch Courage’s GA Julie Nisbet blocking most opportunities at the ball ending the second quarter 19 -25 to Mishaps.

Dutch Courage made a few positional changes including Vaila Robertson stepping in at C but the team struggled to keep up with the fast pace of Mishaps falling 13 points behind the leading side by the end of the third quarter. The last quarter saw both teams re-energised with a string of goals for both sides.  Morgan Henderson switching into GA for Mishaps hardly missed a shot. The game ended with a Mishaps win at 51 points to Dutch Courage’s 36. Players of the match were Morgan Henderson for Mishaps and Vaila Robertson for Dutch Courage