It was a scrappy start for the young Hotfooters and the more experienced Yell team took an easy 8-1 lead with the accurate shooting of Freya Hannay and Stephanie Keith.  However a great interception from GK Ella Robertson turned the game around for Hotfooters and the youngsters found their feet.  Megan Boxwell GS put five in the net in quick succession leaving Hotfooters only 4 points behind at the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter Hotfooters defenders Kirstin Grant and Tabitha Johnson managed to rattle the Yell shooters and turned the ball around to their teams advantage on several occasions.  New start Niamh Paton in GA for Hotfooters managed to dodge Yells Kirsty Graham to help narrow the margin to 2 points when the whistle blew.  Halftime score was Yell 16 – Hotfooters 14.

Yell increased their lead in the third quarter by one point with their very determined and more accurate play.  Yell’s GD Alice Jamieson stood out as determined to hang onto the lead.  New starts Shaina Douglas GD and Kara Grant C for Hotfooters worked hard to make their mark on the game.

The final quarter saw injury for Yell with Alice Jamieson limping off court, but nothing could slow them down as they increased their lead to 7 points, while the tiring Hotfooters made increasing errors and only managed 4 more goals.  Final score Yell 30 – Hotfooters 23.  Player of the match for Yell was shooter Freya Hannay and for Hotfooters GA Niamh Paton.