Hotfooters 37 V Allsorts 19

Hotfooters won the first centre pass and got off to a fast start with quick goals in succession from Shaina Douglas GA and Niamh Paton GS using the circle well with accurate shooting. Allsorts experience however ensured they took control of the game again after a few minutes with Hannah Wright C and Alexis Jamieson WA controlling midcourt. Settling down again, Hotfooters gathered themselves and gained control again, soon increasing their goal tally to 11-4.

The 2nd quarter started just as fast paced with pressure in the Allsorts circle from Kirstin Grant GK and Ellie Bisset GD resulting in Allsorts scoring no goals this quarter. Allsorts defence of Chloe Howarth GK and Stephanie TUlloch GDput pressure on the young Niamh and Shaina but their fast movement around the circleusing Isla Murphy C and Jodie Kerfoot WA kept their goal count increasing. The half time ended 21-4 to Hotfooters.

A change of shooters for Allsorts, bringing on Kayleigh Gear to GA changed the dynamics and enabled Allsorts to score several goals in succession with her clean accurate shooting. Allsorts midcourt picked up t he pace, challenging for more balls but Hotfooters Kara Grant WA and Jodie Kerfoot WD intercepted various balls to Hotfooters advantage.

Going into the last quarter, the score was 32-9 to Hotfooters, but Allsorts were quick off the mark with Kayleigh Gear and Michelle Latto GS controlling the game. Hotfooters were fired up for the last quarter and strong interceptions by Kirstin Grant GD and Jodie Kerfoot meant the ball was soon back up to the Hotfooters circle where Kara Grant WA and Isla Murphy C used the edge of the circle well. Growing in confidence saw accurate shooting from the edge of the circle by Niamh Paton GA. The whistle blew for the final score of 37-19 to Hotfooters. Player of the match for Allsorts was Melanie Tulloch and for Hotfooters was Niamh Paton.