Loungers 55 v Ness Hotshots 27

Loungers started the game very strongly with good movement up the court to the circle to Ava Johnston and Stella Oldbury to allow them to take the first few goals. Ness Hotshots centre Molly Nicolson worked well with Katie Moore to get the ball down to shooters Sophie Tait and Megan Nicolson to gain some goals in the first quarter ending in 15-8 to Loungers.

With some changes in the centre area for both Ness Hotshots and Loungers this changed the speed of the game. Moore and Freyja Leslie worked well together in to try get the ball down court to the shooters but Loungers tight defence from Brenda Mouat and Jennifer Thomson stopped them. With a change in shooting also for Loungers with Kaitlyn Leslie replacing Johnston brought a new challenge for the Hotshots defence of Chloe Jamieson and Isobel Beswick in the circle. Loungers brought an impressive lead in scores at half time of 29-8.

After some small changes across their team Hotshots came out into the third quarter with a new found energy and picked up their pace. Movement in the centre area between Moore and Leslie got the ball down to the shooters with Tait scoring some impressive goals from all around the circle. Lounger’s change of having Johnston in the centre court with great interceptions and working well with Moaut allowed them to keep balls going into the circle and end with a lead of 40-20.

Both teams came into the final quarter with good amount of energy and to create a fast paced game. Loungers showed their experience as a team and worked well together to keep the ball moving up to their shooters Oldbury and Johnston who scored some great goals. This allowed Loungers to come ahead more and finish the game with a score of 55-27. Players of the match were Ava Johnston (Loungers) and Sophie Tait (Ness Hotshots).