Tullochs 47 Loungers 26

Both teams went into the game knowing it was going to be a tough match. It was Loungers’ first centre but Tulloch’s Victoria Duthie turned it over at the first whistle with a great interception and it lead to them getting the first shot of the game. Loungers worked hard to keep up with Tulloch’s fast play. Both teams continued to fight strong but Tullochs saw the first quarter out 11-6.

With a few changes to both sides at the start of the second quarter, Loungers started off as they meant to go on with great defence from Louise Moar and Claire Johnson, they managed to pick up every loose ball and convert it to a goal on their side. Loungers’ Louise Birnie was flying over the court getting a touch on every ball, which made a big difference to Loungers’ play. Tulloch’s Tahnae MacClennan was unstoppable in the shooting circle and with fast play from Claire Morris and Leanna Jamieson linking up the court Tullochs maintained their lead at half time,  23-13.

The third quarter came and loungers wanted to break the gap. Working tirelessly Loungers’ Vicki smith and Hazel Johnson fought for every ball to get into loungers‘ shooters Stella Oldbury and Kaitlin Leslie, who were both succeeding shot after shot. Defence was still tight from Tullochs with Lori Smith and Megan Keppie maintaining high energy which put pressure on Loungers’ attack. The third quarter ended 33-19.

The final quarter started and both teams were tried but continued to persevere until the end. Beth Mouat did well to keep up with Tulloch’s fast play and managed to convert some passes to go Loungers’ way. With great feeds in the circle from Diane Thomson Loungers managed to score repeatedly. Kirsti Leask was moving well around and in the circle and later going on to shoot and score, this made it hard for Loungers’ defence but they kept up well. Both teams performed well but with a strong start from Tullochs they managed to maintain their lead right until the end and the game finished 47-26. Players of the match were Tahnae MacClennan for Tullochs and Louise Birnie for Loungers.