Mishaps 22 V Challengers 24


The match got off to a quick start with many players returning to the court for the first time since pre COVID. Both teams began linking well up the court with Challengers just grasping the lead at 4-3 by the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter saw great interceptions mid court from Challengers Amy Pearson and Mishaps Suzanne Manson. Despite pressure and impressive interceptions from Mishaps GD Elaine Burgess, Challengers GA Katie Sandison’s accurate shooting allowed Challengers to maintain a narrow lead ending the second quarter 12 – 9.

The third quarter saw Challengers C Sarah Groat and WA Holly Jamieson work tirelessly to feed passes into the circle, allowing Challengers to pull ahead to a lead of 19-12 to end the third quarter.

Mishaps made a determined start to the final quarter, with accurate shooting from GS Alicia Hunter. Mishaps took advantage of a few loose balls and there was great feeding into the circle from WA Vicky Anderson. Challengers were able to maintain their lead and won the match 24-22. Players of the match were Elaine Burgess for Mishaps and Katie Sandison for Challengers.