Mishaps 41 V Delting 21

Both teams started strong. Alicia Hunter (GA) and Morgan Henderson (GS) working well together to get the ball into the circle, working around the Delting’s defence. Both teams took to a steady pace but Mishaps took the lead by the end of the first quarter leading 9-6.

The second quarter saw both sides settle into the game with some fantastic play from both teams. Deltings defenders worked well to try keep Mishaps away from the circle, good play by Charlotte Slater (GK) and Hannah-Lisa Laurenson (GD). Mishaps made some great interceptions and quickly took the score up, with 12 in it ending the second quarter 24-12.

The third quarter saw some changes as Jenna Mowat came on for (GK). Mishaps continued to keep up the pressure around the circle with Elaine Gair (GK) and Chloe Nicolson (GD) working well together. (GA) Chrissy Sandison for Delting showed good and accurate shooting. Mishaps still held the lead by the end of the third quarter.

Both teams started the final quarter strong. Delting continued to work hard throughout with good passes made by Ashley Hay (C). Keeping it quick with good interceptions made by Mishaps (WD) Leah Henry pushing the ball to (WA) Carly Cheyney where Mishaps held on to their lead and took the match 41-21. Players of the Match were Leah Henry for Mishaps and Ashley Hay for Delting.