Mishaps 42 – Delting 19

Both teams started strong and confident with accurate shooting from Morgan Henderson (GS) and Alicia Hunter (GA) from the Mishaps. Mishaps took the lead but Delting put up a good fight with interceptions from Jenna Mowat (GK) and Hannah-Lisa Laurenson (GD), both part of the Delting team.

The second quarter was much the same with good team work from Marianne Jamieson (WD), Ashley Hay(C) and Rhona Clark (WA) from Delting. Excellent passes were also made by members of the Mishaps team Carly Cheyney (WA), Kelsey Robb (C) and Sophie Grant (WD). The score for the second quarter was 19-7 to Mishaps.

The third quarter saw Delting put up a good fight and scoring 9 goals, making the score 27-16 to Mishaps. This involved great shooting from Jody Cooper (GS) and Krissie Robertson (GA). However, they couldn’t pull ahead thanks to tough defence from Leah Henry (GD) and Chloe Nicolson (GK) from Mishaps. In the last quarter, Delting just fell short of scoring half points with the final score being 42-19 to Mishaps. The fourth quarter was a competitive one with every Player giving it their all. Henderson and Hunter worked well together to score through the game.  Players of the match were Jenna Mowat, Delting and Alicia Hunter, Mishaps.