Ness 23 V SDS Kiwis 45

Very good, but fast play from both teams. Ness duo Tahlia Leslie and Estella Smith we’re on point in the circle, rarely missing a shot. Kiwis were quick to intercept any loose balls with Sanna Aitken providing lots of support up the court and into their shooters. The first quarter was very close, ending 10-8 to Kiwis.

After the first quarter Kiwi’s came back fighting, GA Alina Murray shooting perfectly. Ness’ Aimee Budge, as normal was storming the court and working tirelessly to get Ness back in the game. Ness defensive trio, Ruth Christie, Ailish Parham and Melody Goodlad were putting lots of pressure on the Kiwi shooters and picking up any rebounds. Kiwi’s Karen McKay and Kim Johnson were defending brilliantly as usual. The game ended 45-23 to Kiwi’s. Players of the match were Kim Johnson for Kiwis and Tahlia Leslie for Ness.