Ness Hotshots 47 v Dutch Courage 14

Ness Hotshots started the game off the strongest with their defensive circle of GD Freya Leslie and GK Kayleigh Young picking up some nice deflections and not giving Dutch Courage’s shooters any time to settle. Hotshots attacking play was very nice and it was through this that they ended the quarter with an 11-2 lead.

The second quarter started off in much the same vain with Hotshots attackers of C Sophie Morris and WA Jodie Sandison linking well with the shooting circle. Dutch Courage GK Laura Sinclair was picking up any rebounds that came her way and some nice interceptions too. WD Lijana Kornejeva was working well on keeping Dutch Courage’s WA Kate Wills quiet. Dutch courage’s GS Alison Anderson was shooting really well and was very rarely missing. The quarter ended 22-8 in Hotshots favour.

Hotshots shooting circle of GA Megan Nicolson and GS Rachel Young were working really well together at the start of third quarter rarely missing much. Caitlin Munro entered the court at WD and was picking up some good deflections in the middle of the court and supporting play nicely leaving the end of quarter score at 35-11.

The fourth quarter was a scrappy affair as both teams started to tire. Dutch Courage GD Alisha Tulloch was working well outside the circle and picked up a few intercepts with WA Nia McLean moving the ball up the court. Hotshots kept the score ticking over with the final score ending 47-14 in their favour. Players of the match were Freya Leslie for Ness Hotshots and Alison Anderson for Dutch Courage.