Tullochs 52 V 31 Whalsay

Tullochs won the toss taking first centre pass. The match started quite evenly with end to end play before Tullochs found their rhythm. Accurate shooting from Tullochs’ Emma Sandison GS and Tahnae MacLennan GA meant they pulled ahead, ending the first quarter 13-5. 

Whalsay came back looking to reduce the gap in the score. Whalsay’s Natalie Constable GK and Lianne Jamieson GD worked tirelessly trying to force the Tullochs shooters out of the circle, but this was proving difficult. The quarter ended 13-24 in Tullochs favour. 

The third quarter saw changes from both sides. Josie Smith GA made her debut for Tullochs scoring some accurate shots. Emma Leask GD and Hannah Robertson GK were making it difficult for Whalsay’s shooters Ellie Sandison GS and Debbie Irvine GA to get close to the net. This resulted in some pressured long range shots. The score for this quarter ended 36-21 Tullochs. 

The final quarter saw both teams coming out fighting. Whalsay’s Irena Polson C was determined to reduce the score gap and was getting the ball up the court with some fast skilled play. Tullochs remained strong and the score ended 52-31 in their favour. Players of the match were Emma Sandison for Tullochs and Cally Thomson for Whalsay