Unst 38 V Dutch Courage 30

Both teams came on the court ready for the first game back after the October break. It was even end-to-end play. Unst settled quicker with their defensive circle of Linda Thomson at GK and Ashley Symington at GD making it ever harder for Dutch Courage’s attacking team of Kathleen Robertson and Vaila Robertson to get the ball into their shooters. The Unst shooters of Alana Johnson and Marie Robertson hardly missing a shot and the first quarter ended 13-6 to Unst.

The pace was faster now, with Jade Stevenson and Chelsea Jamieson covering a lot of ground to move the ball up to Unst shooters. Robertson and Johnson with taking every opportunity and making some good long distance shots. Dutch Courage were keen to close the gap and their defence worked tirelessly to keep the ball out the Unst circle, with Alisha Tulloch picking up any loose balls who worked well with both Vaila and Kathleen to get the ball up to shooters Alison Anderson and Julie Nisbet who were making no mistakes with several long range shots. But Unst defenders of Thomson and Symington managed to preserve and won the quarter 25-15.

The third saw changes for both teams with Chelsea Jamieson coming on to shoot for Unst and Vaila back to C for Dutch Courage who worked tirelessly with determination to close the gap. Although Naomi Brown WD of Unst gained a great interception which was converted by Jamieson, Johnson and Jamieson were finding great space within the circle and kept the score difference the same with the quarter ending 31-21 to Unst.

Unst made several changes in the last quarter, where Dutch Courage came into the last quarter with dominating play. With Shooter Nisbet hardly missing a shot. Dutch Courage began to close the gap. Some frantic play followed, an interception by Unst was worked up the court and into their shooters to keep their lead. Game ended 38-30 to Unst. Players of the match were Ashley Symington for Unst and Julie Nisbet for Dutch Courage.