Wastside 21 v Yell 44

Yell won the first centre which was converted into a goal within the first minute. Yell started the game strong with great linking in mid court between Amber Morrison and Sandra Petrie. The great linking resulted in quite a few goals from both Stephanie Keith and Freya Hannay. Yell shooters Keith and Hannay put prodigious pressure on the Wastside defensive duo of Sarah Sandison and Laura Cheyne who worked tirelessly to gain rebounds. The Wastside mid court players Julie Crossan and Eda Leask were linking well with shooters Natasha and Molly Tulloch, but Yell defenders Lesley Strachan and Kelly Keith were undefeatable. The quarter ended 5-16 in Yell’s favour.

Both teams went on knowing that it was all to play for. Mairi Williamson came on fresh at GK for Wastside and Lorraine Odie and Denise MacBeath came on at WA and WD for Yell. The quarter was filled with lots of end to end play and determination. Wastside was more comfortable, where Crossan and Leask was feeding great passes into the Tulloch duo. Yell however, was still stealing any loose balls and feeding them into shooters Keith and Hannay. At the end of the quarter Yell was still comfortably leading, and the score at half time was 9-25.

With a few changes to both teams, the quarter began. Sandison and Williamson switched, which gave Wastside a height advantage. This meant that any action by Yell could be exploited. The Yell attack continued to fight hard securing quite a few goals, which were left untouched by Wastside. Both teams were starting to tire, which meant that there were forced mistakes which the opposition took advantage of. The quarter ended 13-33 to Yell.

In the last quarter there was lots of end to end, frantic play which resulted in many loose balls which got picked up by the other team. Wastside gained a few rebounds and interceptions throughout the duration of the game but it was unfortunately not enough to close the gap between the two teams. Yell continued to lead the game, and the end score was 21-44. Players of the match were Eda Leask for Wastside, and Freya Hannay for Yell.