Whalsay 27 V Tulloch Tornadoes 47

The game started with Whalsay taking the first centre pass which was quickly intercepted by Tullochs. After the first two goals the games settled with end to end play. After an evenly fought quarter it finished 8-11 to Tullochs.

Both teams came out fighting for the 2nd quarter. Tullochs worked well up the court with slick passing from Claire Morris into the circle, which saw Tahnae Maclennan and Kirsti Leask rarely missing a shot. The quarter ended 13-20 to Tullochs.

Whalsay made a few changes going into the third quarter but the pressure from Tullochs throughout the court was difficult to break through. Tullochs continued to pick up loose balls throughout the third quarter to widen the game and the quarter finished 17-33

The final quarter started with Whalsay determined to close the gap. Whalsay fought hard to work the ball up the court through Tulloch’s tight defending and Whalsay’s shooters Karis Leask and Debbie Irvine secured long range goals rewarding their efforts. Tullochs held on to their form until the final whistle to win 47-27. Player of the Match for Tullochs was Tahnae MacLennan and Karis Leask for Whalsay.